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  1. How to Ensure Women Know Your Man is Married: A Ring that Imprints Married?

    Malaysia Pargo “Basketball Wives LA” Star created a new way to ensure women know that you got your man covered. In the first season of Basketball Wives LA, Malaysia partnered with Jason of Beverly Hills and launched a kids luxury jewelry line called ‘Three Beats’. Shortly, after the line launched the demand grew and women were asking for an adult line so Malaysia decided to develop something new; a wedding band that brands ‘Married’ on your finger, Say What!!! Look at you trying to pre-order now..

    The ring is something a wife can get for her husband to ensure that if he has to When Malaysia was asked if she would make one for her own husband, NBA Player Jannero Pargo, she responded:

    He’s mine and ain’t going anywhere but, Yesthat’s his finger in picture.

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    Lol in the picture he’s like “Oh god why? What did I do to deserve this????”
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    Are men THAT fucking stupid/prone to cheating that they need that branded on their goddamn finger to remind them of...
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    He looks so like, in pain in their picture together. And tbh, this isn’t gonna keep man from cheating. But if that’s...
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    Best ones are married hell. They have to take that ass home. So I can enjoy his money on my own. 💎 West African Sugar 💎
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    I was just thinking “who is going to care?” lol
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    This doesn’t make stop. From taking your man lol
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    Malaysia Pargo I like the line I buy all the pieces from the THREE Beats COLLECTION
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