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OMG Girlz Hit Essence Music Festival and Kills it With Their Song “Where The Boys At”

OMG Girlz Perform at Essence

The OMG Girlz have been on their grind, recently they attended the BET Awards performing their song “Gucci This, Gucci That,” now the girls hit the Essence Awards to perform their latest single “Where the Boys At,” off their debut album “Official Miss Guided,” due October 2.

OMG Girlz Perform at Essence

It is hard being in the industry alone, people criticize you and are always looking at your imperfections. But, by no means will these girlz be stopped. One thing is for sure they are continuously improving their stage presence and image. They are loved by so many on and off the stage, and in my opinion they are the future and provide a platform for young aspiring artist and girl groups; they are considered by many to be the new “bad girls”.

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